February update, good vibes

Mothership Energy Management System 

Hello again, bold uknown heroes who venture into the rising territories of Estonian independent game development! Above you can see the internal layer of the player ship and it's energy system. If we can, we'd like to add a few other internal systems to this layer. 

For example, the command bridge could be linked with the warpdrive, sensors and jammers. If the bridge ends up getting hit, the linked subsystems would get disabled until the bridge is repaired 
The additional subsystems can be done only if we can spare enought devtime. 
However, in the best case, the internal systems would be something that your ship pet cat (yes, various pets are a planned feature in addition to ship crew and internal drones) could get stuck in, so you'd have to send down search parties. And sometimes, you could find fleshy eggs there, left behind by certain xenomorphous aliens :)

In other news, general development & negotiations with various potential partners are running along nicely. It's better to do great things together rather than alone, right? :) There's a good work flow going on and we build something which can be seen and/or played around with almost every week, which is highly motivating. 

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