October update, great news

New landing page, yay!
Heyy! We are happy to reveal our next step in reaching out, in the form of a minimalist landing page for easy demo sharing. Please sign up if you want to try out Rogue Ambassador when it becomes available. If you are feeling particularly generous, please share the new page also with your friends :)

Mothership internal view with module lights
In the above picture, you can see the next iteration of the Mothership, complete with pseudo-lights and crew buzzling about. The nondescript purple-ish module In the upper left corner of the ship is the Materials Convertor. If we decide to incorporate it, it will be a sort of "crafting module", where the player can combine resources & fuel to create cannon ammo or things like nuclear missiles. We cannot promise to convertor yet because completing the public playable build is still the key priority for us.

I left the greatest news last. Namely, we have just successfully completed an Estonian crowd-investment campaign, raising 403% of the funding we minimally asked for. I'd rather not post more details about it here, but the main point is that this grants us the freedom to keep working on the game without worrying about things like how do we buy the next kilogram of rice or pay the studio rent. If you happen to be one of our nanoinvestors, then thank you once more! We won't starve to death because of you :)

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