July Update - Space battles

Space combat will be the central aspect of Rogue Ambassador, and envisioned to work out like the one in Faster Than Light (pausable real-time, top-down view), with extra depth and extended options for the player.

We've made the big decision to make almost all modules destroyable. This will mean that the player regularly finds new modules from unexplored planets and looted ships, but also loses some every now and then during battles or ingame events.
This also implicates that players wants to ideally damage, but not destroy modules aboard enemy ships to get them for themselves as loot. Mereley damaging the modules however will allow enemies to repair them during combat.

General combat mechanics:

Shooting a weapon requires that there's a operating crewmember and power supply to the module. Additionally, projectile weapons need enough explosives (consumed as ammo with each shot).
Player has the option to either target enemy ship hulls or individual modules inside the ships. Needless to say, it is easier to hit the entire ship than an individual module, leading to hopefully interesting and original choices for the player.

Damaging the enemy radar for example makes the enemy hit you less often. Then again, the player could opt to attack enemy weapons, reactors (which might render the enemy ship completely comatose) or just go directly for the kill and skip picking off separate modules altogether.

In another piece of news, we've partnered with Ember Quality Services, an experienced Estonian QA company.

We are nearing the singularity where the new generation battle becomes fully playable, at which point we can start next level balancing of all game aspects tied to battle.

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