Post-launch developement

Shortest Trip launched out of Early Access in August 2019, inspiring hundreds of Youtube videos and Twitch activity, receiving high praise by critics and, and landing in very positive score of 83% recommended (it usually drops with each sale, as sales attract players who are not the target audience of the game). We've been busy keeping the game in development, adding extensive amounts of updates, rebalances and new content. The main list of post-launch updates can be found HERE.

We also recently launched our first DLC called the Supporters Pack, which includes a new playable ship and downloadable soundtrack, among other goodies. Buying this is a great way to support continued development of the game, if you want to see the game evolving.

Our immediate next steps is to polish and expand a number of Shortest Trip features, before our team
takes a well-earned vacation in December.

  1.  Ability to prioritize incoming projectiles for point defences
  2. New easier & harder game modes
  3. Material convertor modules update
  4. Ship sensors update
  5. Ship doors update

We will release new plans as existing ones get completed.

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