Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Shortest Trip coming to Early Access!

Hello again, masterful space survivors!

Just letting you know that you can get Shortest Trip from Steam (Early Acces) starting from October the 9th!

If you haven't wishlisted Shortest Trip on Steam yet, please do. 
Indiegogo backers will receive their key via email.

Autumn has arrived, and we wish you all a merry time of fruits!

a world rich with micro-organisms
fruit ripe for harvesting
perhaps the leaves are edible as well?
bots ready to eco-harvest fungi
drones eco-harvesting fruit
fine selection of alien fruit

1 comment:

  1. Now that you are on steam, I highly recommend making REGULAR weekly updates -- nothing fancy, just a few lines of progress and maybe a screenshot.

    Doing this will keep people interested and talking about the game with others. Failing to do this portrays a lackadaisical developer who may or may not finish the game.