We continue to work full-time on Shortest Trip *_*

We've been able to continue working full time and (if everything goes according to the plan) can continue this until Shortest Trip is ready and released. Expect more good news within February :3

Overivew of features & key changes since Indiegogo campaign demo:
(the new build is not out yet, we will let you  know when it is)

1. There is no constant resource cost any more.
    Instead, resource costs are now tied to distance travelled.

2. Aiming with ship weapons in combat is now done with the help of 
   "shot landing area" UI. The less accurate a weapon, the bigger the shot landing area.

3. Damage done against ship hitpoints is now visualized as scars 
    (damage tokens) on the ship which can be repaired by crew.

4. Some modules now work  without crew if ship bridge remains 
    operational (remote operation by bridge). Operating modules with crew also adds their skill bonus.

5. Enemy ships now have their own crewmembers who operate modules, 
    fight fires, repair stuff etc.

6. The main menu has a "Gallery" section where the player can collect pretty 
    scenery discovered in the game (currently a mockup).
    Numerous UI & smaller changes

And here are some screenshots and two new event illustrations for your viewing pleasure:

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