Featured: Warplife

Warplife is a general term for all animals originatng from the warpsace dimension. These animals are accustomed to living in extraplanetary space and travelling through personal warpholes. Their remains are the best source for exotic minerals which are necessary for building warp engines.
Warplife behaviour is considered extremely unpredictable (only anomalies are worse), and some of them are predators who seem to hunt space ships of intelligent beings, and do it exclusively. Some, but not all of them have personal warpshields which absorb energy weapon attacks. Some seem to be afraid of explosives.

Most of the warplife can produce ranged warp energy attacks which can overpower normal shield systems. On the other hand, the creatures often contained swallowed, half-digested ship parts in addition to exotic substances.
A sample (out of thousands of various updates) from our devlog, to show the things we are currently working with:

  • Updated player ship lightning effects 
  • Reworked all game events to include new resource types
  • Warping now keeps view on starmap 
  • Battle start lag repaired 
  • Perks updated & rebalanced
  • Most of ingame texts are now replaced with icons where applicable
  • A new set of DIY modules implemented
  • implemented "Shield battery" module type
  • Updated all enemy ships to incorporate various new modules
  • Crew navigation updated, resulting in significant reduction to various lags

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