May Update

Hello, long time no see! We have been quite busy communicating with interesting
business people and working on getting our core gameplay loop to a playable state.
We're currently working on a simplified battle system which would allow testing
& early balancing of the whole core loop.

Here's a humble feature teaser for your enjoyement. We hope you spot some similarities
to the games that have inspired us. Questions and comments welcome as always.

All this is still quite far from the final vision and some features might change,
but it's what we are aiming at. 

Just a small note about intruders: in addition to enemy marines armed with guns, we would enjoy to also have infiltrating tentacled alien queens who sneak into the ship and start laying eggs in the dark corners of the vessel, perhaps eat a few crewmember every now and then, and only emerge when the player is least expecting it :)

Thank you everybody who's asked for a playable. We are working on it!

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