Mothership internal view (sneak-peek)

Hey again fellow space exploration & survival fans!
The above video is an early demo of what life will be alike aboard the Mothership.
Time to refresh memory of what Rogue Ambassador is about :)

You start the game with the only remaining human Mothership, half-damaged and full of 
obsolete technology. You also get some crew, a few old tactical spaceships, nukes,
fuel and basic supplies for interstellar travel. 
The rest you must find during the journey. 

The purpose of your exploration & diplomacy mission is to find the most horrifying 
and dangerous aliens in the universe and persuade them to become your allies in an epic
and dramatic interstellar war.

Because Earth and a dozen of other smaller species happen to be losing a fight
to an intergalactical swarm of passing Space Locusts. 

The Space Locusts never learned our concept of communication, and prefer
to devour civilizations that spark their narrow-minded appetite 
for technology and resources.

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