Rogue Ambassador is a game about spaceships. So we thought it's a good idea to take a moment here and introduce some of the ships we've been working with.

Sekvoia II, mobile science base

Sekvoia II was designed as a mobile science base for long-range exploration missions. It can field numerous advanced modules and weapon systems, featuring ample cargo and crew space.
Standard module loadout includes multiple missile batteries and a powerful long-range laser. In addition, the ship is usually equipped with good radar, shield generator and electronic countermeasures unit to confuse enemy targeting systems.

Blue Star Ultima, science vessel

The Blue Star science vessel is optimized for exploration and survival. The Mark II "Ultima" variant comes with many small improvements to further increase the ships overall survivability on long missions. It features improved speed, fuel storage and defensive capabilities.
Standard loadout includes extra escape pods and automated repair bots station.

Heavy Duty JK4300, bulk trader

Heavy Duty JK class traders carry large automated cargo modules, great for transporting bulk cargo. Its hull is made of cost-effective materials not designed to withstand much combat, resulting in less hitpoints than other ships of similar size. The JK4300 usually field medium-sized cannons on their main weapon mount to scare off smaller pirates. Additional point-defence weapons and missiles are installed for working in hostile space.

Tomahawk, custom-built gunship

Welded together from parts of mass-produced non-military ships and equipped with small, cheap weapons, Tomahawk is a typical pirate craft.

SP-33 "Mace", multirole escort 

Cargo space and augmented main gun make this small ship ideal for short-range cargo trips & escorts. Lack of space for additional engines means the ship is designed to fight together with its convoy instead of escaping, making it attractive for merchants who don't want to see their escorts run off faster than themselves. The SP-33 is armed with a built-in oversized "Mace" cannon, unusually large for such small ships. It  requires considerable time to arm and is fixed to the hull, but its raw destructive power makes it a highly respected weapon.

Any questions or ideas about the ships so far? Let us know in the comments below :)

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