Interlude: inspirational spaceship sci-fi

I've scooped together a list of some of the space sci-fi stuff that our team respects, and which has also inspired certain elements in Rogue Ambassador.
This is by no means a complete list or a sufficient explanation why we think all this is great,  but we consider it important to pay our respects to the grandmasters :)

Star Control 2 - because it is truly a grandfather of epic space games

Gratuitous Space Battles - because it's  something we've always wanted to see

Starsector - because it is awesome demonstration of how just a few good people can make something incredibly rich, fun and inspiring.

Master of Orion 1-2 - because these are two important games in the hall of space game grandfathers

Out there - because it showed the world that one can have a space roguelike without violence or fighting  and still be successful.

FTL - because it kicked off a new era of space & roguelike games

SPAZ - because SPAZ is very much a survival game in space

Weird Worlds: return to infinite space 2 - a cute and funny little game, like a chibi/child version of Star Control 2 or FTL ^_^
Firefly TV series  - do we even need an explanation? There's something thrilling about hardy captains and small crews on worn out spaceships who try to make their dreams come true in difficult space.
Battlestar Galactica boardgame - because of the desperation feels and tactical nukes
Stargate TV series - because of new species meeting for the first time is awesome
Cowboy Bepop - a japanese animated series about bounty hunters in space. Firefly was probably at least partly inspired by this piece of art.

If these things bring you back good memories or a nice warm dose of nostalgia, then you might enjoy Rogue Ambassador as well. Feel free to bring attention to any other spaceship games in the comments, especially if they could be considered overlooked or underdogs. Happy weekend for now!

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