Who are we? Some basic info about us

We are a team of four Estonian gamedevs. In addition, we cooperate with Gamefounders accelerator and a number of specialists who help us out with specific topics like UX, concept art or streaming/gamecasting.

Some of us are connected through teaching game design & development in University of Tartu, and all of us have been working on games for years. Our producer is also part of the team who made Teleglitch: Die More Edition

Past Experiences

Core teammembers each have about five years of indie game development experience. Those of us who are teachers of the gamedev course have overseen and coached about 15 game teams/projects in about four years.


Teleglitch was released with Test3Projects in 2012 (and later published together with Paradox Interactive) and became the first Estonian game on Steam, with over 700'000 paid downloads according to Steamspy statistics (at launch price of 12.99) . Teleglitch also earned high praise from game press critics and became the internationally most well-reviewed Estonian game soon after it's release (Metacritic score 84). In addition to dozens of professional reviews and hundreds of player reviews, the game generated over 10'000 Let's Play videos on Youtube. 

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