Friday, November 25, 2016

Planned change of game title, playable coming soon

We are rapidly approaching the point where we give out 100 free closed alpha builds for interested individuals such as yourself. To receive one, you only need to subscribe at

In other news, we will be changing the game title. From start of development, "Rogue Ambassador" has been a temporary working title. We have finally found a name we are satisfied with for the long term. The new name will be revealed in the next update. 

New feature: spaceship pets

You start the game with a single cat as your first pet. Pets will be mostly enjoying themselves on the ship but also occasionally interacting with crew. Some alien pets will be able to fight intruders or have other abilities.

Today, an orange cat from the hood walked into our gamedev studio.
She wasn't too different from the cat inside Mothership :)

The purple amoeba following the cat is another pet (they're friends). 


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