Friday, July 21, 2017

Hello, we have great news!

We've released an open alpha/public demo for anyone to try, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! (Shortest Trip became the most daily downloaded game within 2 weeks). Despite our initial fears, Fans of FTL welcomed us warmly and kept asking for more in comments of YouTube videos. Thank you so much, we love you <3!

Awesome gameplay video spotted:

Download free demo:

As you might have noticed, the game has a new title. It is now officially called Shortest Trip to Earth.

Stay tuned, we've got more stuff coming in a matter of weeks :3

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Featured: Warplife

Warplife is a general term for all animals originatng from the warpsace dimension. These animals are accustomed to living in extraplanetary space and travelling through personal warpholes. Their remains are the best source for exotic minerals which are necessary for building warp engines.
Warplife behaviour is considered extremely unpredictable (only anomalies are worse), and some of them are predators who seem to hunt space ships of intelligent beings, and do it exclusively. Some, but not all of them have personal warpshields which absorb energy weapon attacks. Some seem to be afraid of explosives.

Most of the warplife can produce ranged warp energy attacks which can overpower normal shield systems. On the other hand, the creatures often contained swallowed, half-digested ship parts in addition to exotic substances.
A sample (out of thousands of various updates) from our devlog, to show the things we are currently working with:

  • Updated player ship lightning effects 
  • Reworked all game events to include new resource types
  • Warping now keeps view on starmap 
  • Battle start lag repaired 
  • Perks updated & rebalanced
  • Most of ingame texts are now replaced with icons where applicable
  • A new set of DIY modules implemented
  • implemented "Shield battery" module type
  • Updated all enemy ships to incorporate various new modules
  • Crew navigation updated, resulting in significant reduction to various lags

Friday, February 17, 2017

Devlog update: Resources


  • Payer has better overview of their resources (located in upper left corner of the screen)
  • There are now 4 new resource types in the game 
  • Mothership layout updated
  • Crafting mechanics design is ready, will be implemented in the future
  • Research mechanics design is ready, will be implemented in the future

New resource UI & Mothership layout


Necessary for operating modules, extinguishing fires, fighting boarders, planetary missions, etc. Includes pets. You lose when the last crewmember dies.


A complex mix of partially alive organic compounds.
Needed as food for crewmembers & biological ship modules. Generated by various biosynthesis modules. Can be also harvested from planets with life.


Needed for most of ship actions, most importantly moving and warping. Regularly consumed by engines, reactors and warpdrives. Harvested from gas giants. Also, it is the most commonly sold resource.


Consumed as ammo by larger projectile weapons. Also used to bomb enemies from orbit or detonate strong barriers. Often used as currency by pirates or warlike civilizations. Found on rare gas giants, or civilization ruins. Can be bought but are quite expensive.


Basic building material for most crafting projects. Also consumed when repairing modules.


Basic building material for most crafting projects. Also consumed when repairing modules.


Ultra-rare compounds necessary for crafting more advanced modules. Very expensive to buy, but can be found from remains of dead warplife.

Data Credits

Intergalactic currency. All valuable information can be converted into data credits on the spot. 

Fate points

Earned by ethical choices or winning combats. Can be used to buy perks that make the next run easier.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Planned change of game title, playable coming soon

We are rapidly approaching the point where we give out 100 free closed alpha builds for interested individuals such as yourself. To receive one, you only need to subscribe at

In other news, we will be changing the game title. From start of development, "Rogue Ambassador" has been a temporary working title. We have finally found a name we are satisfied with for the long term. The new name will be revealed in the next update. 

New feature: spaceship pets

You start the game with a single cat as your first pet. Pets will be mostly enjoying themselves on the ship but also occasionally interacting with crew. Some alien pets will be able to fight intruders or have other abilities.

Today, an orange cat from the hood walked into our gamedev studio.
She wasn't too different from the cat inside Mothership :)

The purple amoeba following the cat is another pet (they're friends). 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

August update

We are working hard to get the new battle and its numerous related elements into a more fully functional state. For the meantime, take a look at some of the interesting situations in our roguelike.

We already have about ~100 of such events scripted, and there will be many more coming :3

By the way, i am interested in artists who have already drawn a fair amount of pictures of similar alien landscapes and would consider a deal in which Rogue Ambassador could use his/her pictures in our game, for a licence fee. So if you have a number of sci-fi pictures lying around you think might fit our game as event illustrations, feel free to contact me at

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July Update - Space battles

Space combat will be the central aspect of Rogue Ambassador, and envisioned to work out like the one in Faster Than Light (pausable real-time, top-down view), with extra depth and extended options for the player.

We've made the big decision to make almost all modules destroyable. This will mean that the player regularly finds new modules from unexplored planets and looted ships, but also loses some every now and then during battles or ingame events.
This also implicates that players wants to ideally damage, but not destroy modules aboard enemy ships to get them for themselves as loot. Mereley damaging the modules however will allow enemies to repair them during combat.

General combat mechanics:

Shooting a weapon requires that there's a operating crewmember and power supply to the module. Additionally, projectile weapons need enough explosives (consumed as ammo with each shot).
Player has the option to either target enemy ship hulls or individual modules inside the ships. Needless to say, it is easier to hit the entire ship than an individual module, leading to hopefully interesting and original choices for the player.

Damaging the enemy radar for example makes the enemy hit you less often. Then again, the player could opt to attack enemy weapons, reactors (which might render the enemy ship completely comatose) or just go directly for the kill and skip picking off separate modules altogether.

In another piece of news, we've partnered with Ember Quality Services, an experienced Estonian QA company.

We are nearing the singularity where the new generation battle becomes fully playable, at which point we can start next level balancing of all game aspects tied to battle.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

February update, good vibes

Mothership Energy Management System 

Hello again, bold uknown heroes who venture into the rising territories of Estonian independent game development! Above you can see the internal layer of the player ship and it's energy system. If we can, we'd like to add a few other internal systems to this layer. 

For example, the command bridge could be linked with the warpdrive, sensors and jammers. If the bridge ends up getting hit, the linked subsystems would get disabled until the bridge is repaired 
The additional subsystems can be done only if we can spare enought devtime. 
However, in the best case, the internal systems would be something that your ship pet cat (yes, various pets are a planned feature in addition to ship crew and internal drones) could get stuck in, so you'd have to send down search parties. And sometimes, you could find fleshy eggs there, left behind by certain xenomorphous aliens :)

In other news, general development & negotiations with various potential partners are running along nicely. It's better to do great things together rather than alone, right? :) There's a good work flow going on and we build something which can be seen and/or played around with almost every week, which is highly motivating. 

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